27 March

Welcome to my blog! I’ve not blogged before, and if I’m quite honest, as I write this, I’m saying everything in my head in a British accent because I am so excited. But, this is beside the point.

So, this winter semester I’m taking Writing 150, and I decided early on that I would write my papers solely with British topics so that I could learn a plethora of things about the place I’ll be living and studying. I wrote my rhetorical analysis on Winston Churchill’s speech “We Shall Fight on the Beaches”, and I learned a lot about the coming together of the British people during World War II, and I learned about how much pride they had in their country and in their soldiers.

I recently finished writing an eight-page research paper on Brexit, and it’s consequences.  It was so interesting seeing how influential the United Kingdom is all throughout the world, and how one referendum can change the entire economy, political climate, and alter the UK’s foreign affairs completely. Writing this paper has me so incredibly excited to go and ask British people why (or why not) they voted in favor of Brexit and put my research into context.

I’ve also been reflecting on the time my family and I spent in Nauvoo, Illinois this summer, and the things I learned watching the British Pageant. I reflected on my ancestors who were converted to the church while living in Europe so many years ago, and I am so excited to learn more of the church’s establishment in England, because it has impacted my family for generations.

I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to study in a different country, and to expand my knowledge and understanding of the world. I recognize that I am so lucky and I am impatient to go and learn.


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