4 September

Today is the day. Or rather, tonight is the night. I am currently sitting at my gate at Miami International Airport. There’s a child crying behind me and Pizza Hut is right by me so it smells like garlic. These things are not ideal but it’s ok. It’s all part of the adventure.

Today I spent the day with my family. I woke up and ate a homemade cinnamon roll courtesy Sister Mcdougal, who dropped them off along with cookies last night as a parting gift. I then got dressed in one of the few items of clothing that wasn’t packed in a big blue rolling duffle bag and ran errands with my dad and two younger brothers. We were in search of bottled water and propane due to the impending hurricane Irma which may hit West Palm later this week. When we get home I finished my packing and jumped into the pool with my family. More like waded into the pool, I don’t really jump much. We played Marco Polo and categories and floated around until it was cloudy. This followed by me getting ready and throwing some last minute things into my carryon and backpack.

Then, when it was almost time for us to go and get dinner together as a family (Sushi, of course) my dad gave me a blessing, preparing me for my semester abroad. My father’s blessing included a lot of things, but I think most importantly my dad blessed me to have faith and not fear. So that is what I will do, even as I sit in the Miami airport with a few tears at the thought of being away from my family for a while.


We feasted on hamachi jalapeño and spicy tuna rolls and Japanese ramen. Afterwards I hugged my siblings and my mom goodbye, and my dad and I pulled away towards the airport.

I promise I was fine until we were about to go through security. I calm and collected, (though I still am trying to be) but I couldn’t help it. I am nervous for this change, though I know that it holds so many wonderful opportunities. I know I am so blessed to be studying abroad in England this semester.

I texted a friend earlier this week and asked him what advice he would give his children if they were going abroad. He then reminded me that his kids would probably not study abroad because it’s not the Crockett style but, that he would tell me to go all in. To be fully present, and go all in on every aspect of my experience, may it be socially, educationally, or spiritually. So this is what I will do.

I will have Faith and not Fear. I will go All In. 

Bon Voyage, my friends.


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