1 October

Okay, so I fully recognize that this blog post is way overdue and I apologize, we’ve just been really  busy.

ALSO before I forget! I have a new UK phone number! If you want it then please message me on FB. I also mainly use WhatsApp to communicate. Cheers!

Here’s a recap of the past three weeks.

After our trip to the Isle of Wight we went and saw King Lear at the Globe. The guy who plays Mr. Gibbs in Pirates of the Caribbean played King Lear. All I’ll say is that it was VERY long.

King Lear at the Globe theater.

My dad came into town!!! Yay for loving dad’s! He was here on business and a few hours after he arrived we met and walked to Buckingham Palace for a tour. The Palace is only open until October 1, because the queen is now back at her home. It was so beautiful! And so fun! It was such a blessing to have my dad with me.

Buckingham Palace on a lovely rainy day with my dad

That night we went and saw An American in Paris on the West End. Neither of us had seen it before. It was so beautiful. The show was 80% dancing and ballet. The leads were comprised of dancers, who could sing rather than singers who could somewhat dance.

An American in Paris. These photos make me miss my dad.

The next day, my dad came to my ward on Sunday. It was so nice to have him there. Its always a treat to attend sacrament meeting with your family.


Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 7.09.02 PM.png
Outside church, which is in a private school building that we rent out

We then spent the rest of the day walking around London. We went to the Wallace Collection, a collection of 16th, 17th, and 18th century pieces of art. Its inside a house tucked behind Oxford Street in a posh neighborhood. The art was incredible.

Piece of art at the Wallace Collection

On Monday my friends and I went to the London Museum and got these delicious strawberries covered in Belgian chocolate while I waited for my dad to be done with work. Then I met my dad to see King Lear with HIM. Needless to say we left halfway through.

MMMM Clarissa this one is for you

On Tuesday I went to class as usual and then met my dad for dinner near the Globe, where my class was seeing Much Ado about Nothing. It was the last time I got to see him before I left on a trip to Wales. I won’t see him again until Christmastime, which really bummed me out. Much Ado about nothing was amazing though! It was set in Mexico, during the gold rush. And they made it a musical which was fun! It was so hilarious. That night I packed up a bag and prepared for the trip to Western England and Wales which we left on the following morning.

Our first stop was Stonehenge! So cool! The rocks were huge and it was all very mysterious 😉IMG_2942.jpg

Our West trip continued on with a visit to Stourhead House. This is an old, opulent home with grounds and gardens that are just simply amazing. One of my very favorite parts of Pride and Prejudice was shot here! You know the part when Darcy first proposes in the rain? SO AWESOME.


Stourhead House
The place that Darcy proposes
If you watch the movie clip that I put a link to you see Kiera Knightly run across this very bridge
At the Temple of Apollo (the P&P) building.
Karelia, me and Alexis. Can you tell I loved this place by all the photos?
A bunch of us at the temple of Apollo

We then Headed to Bath, where we stayed the night. It’s the cutest little town and I can see why Jane Austen uses it in her Novels. The Roman Bath’s were so cool. How has something so old survived so well? Since the Roman invasion?! So crazy.

Roman Baths
Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 7.41.16 PM.png
(Left to right) Ashlyn, Cami, Karelia, me, Kate, Mike, Mckay, Alexis, Abby, Emma, Tianna, Courtney and Betsy all at the Roman Baths

Then after Bath, we were in Wales. We made a stop at Tintern Abbey, an old monastery that held one of the greatest libraries in the world. It was destroyed after Henry VIII separated from the Catholic church and in turn began to destroy all the significant Catholic churches. It was raining, and so, so peaceful.

Tintern Abbey
Tintern Abbey

We stopped in Cardiff and went to this outdoor museum that is a bunch of time-period houses that they literally picked up and put onto a truck and brought them to this museum. It was SUPER boring so I didn’t even take any pictures.

Then, we went to Wales. We went to the Welsh Assembly, which is Wales’ parliament. They have a very unique and modern building and it was cool to learn how the government within the English government works. We had an awesome tour guide who answered all sorts of questions. The Welsh are very proud of their identity and are doing whatever they can to preserve their language.

Welsh Assembly building

On our way back to London we stopped at the OLDEST LDS CHAPEL IN THE WORLD. Now before everyone starts saying “how is it the oldest chapel in the world when the church was restored in New York?” here’s how. Its the first official chapel. Not a home like the Whitmer’s or the Smith home, it’s a for real chapel. It was so awesome.

First LDS Chapel

Then we came home to London for all of Saturday and Sunday. I was so so so exhausted. We all start to get on one another’s nerves by the end of our trips. That Saturday we went and saw Boudica at the Globe. It was very violent and lots of language. Not my favorite.

After church we packed up for our North and Scotland trip. Just as a disclaimer,,, it was pretty awful for me.

So we stopped in Preston where the temple is which was really nice. And we toured all around Preston where tons of people joined the Church here in England.

Preston, England Temple
(Left to right) Anna, Alexis, Kate, Amber, Amanda, me and Karelia in front of the Preston Temple
River in Preston where TONS of people were baptized into the Church

Then we drove really far to the Lake District which is SO beautiful. We stayed in a hostel and let me tell you NOT A FAN. It was so smelly and stuffy and the food was awful. Also it was six girls to a teeny tiny room and it was just not good. IMG_3168.jpgIMG_3178.jpg

Our Youth Hostel… it looks WAY better on the outside

Here’s the bad part. I woke up that next morning after our first night at the Hostel at 5am and was so very nauseous. I was up for hours in the toilet, which is not near the room and smelled awful. That morning I ate some toast and still was just feeling so nauseous and sick so after we toured the Wordsworth trust and his cottage the directors sent me home in a cab. I was really not doing well. I slept for 8 hours until all my friends came back. Then I packed up and my friends McKay and Ben gave me a blessing, which was really kind and appreciated and I headed to bed. Hence the lack of pictures for this day.

I was feeling better the next day, but not 100% as we headed to Edinburgh, Scotland. I tried to take it easy but we hiked to Hadrian’s wall on the way which was really cool, but very strenuous.

Hadrian’s wall. Shoutout to dad!

As we got into Scotland we stopped at Abbotsford house, where Sir Walter Scott lived and wrote large sums of his poetry. He had a modern (for the time) house built on the inside and styled it to look like a Medieval castle. It was awesome. Definitely my style.


Then we drove to Edinburgh. I made the bad decision of thinking I was all better and hiked all around the city and then ate Pizza.

Edinburgh views


Needless to say, I woke up sick at 5am again and had to spend the rest of the next day in bed. Luckily though, the directors gifted me with my own luxurious, modern, hotel room with my own big bed and lovely shower so recovery was on its way. That is until Caleb accidentally set the fire alarm in the hotel off. I jumped up and threw on a shirt and was out in the Scottish streets with pj pants and a random flannel shirt. Not cool but hey, it’s a story.

The next day we headed to York, a medieval city.  I took it easy but again thought I was all better. Luckily the next day there were no awful symptoms. We went to Even Song, Anglican church service. It was odd. Lots of…. it was just its own thing. I prefer sacrament meeting.

York Minster

Then we came home to London. I unpacked and watched Jane Eyre and went to bed thinking all was well.

This morning I woke up at 4:40 and ran to the toilet. This happened every three hours thereafter. I’m still miserably sick and my stomach is in pain and has been churning all day. I met with my professor and we’ve decided to keep my diet incredibly plain for the next few days. Bananas, rice, applesauce, toast. I watched conference today and tried to sleep. I would appreciate it if everyone kept me in their prayers. We aren’t sure what’s wrong and I just really want to get better. 😦

Otherwise I feel blessed and fortunate to be here. I’m learning so much and my classes are going really well. I miss my family but I am having so much fun here.

All my love.




3 thoughts on “1 October

  1. Ha!! Izzy, I love eating vicariously though you – Mmmmmmmm… I can taste the chocolate & berries now…

    Love you sweet girl! Glad to see you’re having a swell time. Cheers!! ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Oh, sweetie, so sorry you’ve been feeling sick! That’s so miserable. But good for you for hanging in there, and seeing as much as you could! Well, we’ll be praying for your quick recovery. Know that you are loved – by so many!
    And take care of yourself. Love you, sweet girl! 😘💕 Grandma

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So sorry to hear that your tummy is not enjoying your trip as much as the rest of you! Also…so amazingly in awe (and a little envious- but not in a mean way) that you are getting so see and experience all of the places and things that we read about in class. Thank you for all of the pics, so we can live vicariously through you. I, too, love Pride and Prejudice, so too many of those pictures are still not enough. I also loved all the poet/poetry related pictures- Lake District etc.

    Hope you are feeling better soon!


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