A London Trip

by: Ravi Panamanna

Busy streets fled past me
Busy roads ran towards me.
As the thirsty eyes of a tourist
I was enjoying the scenes.

I was on the roads of London,
My heart danced upon my chest.
I was flying along the avenues
My white car was as swift as a glider.

Thames flowed gently,
London Bridge brought me the call of centuries.
A lone nightingale sat at Hampstead Heath
And Russell Park brought me memories of London Notebook*.

And Avon flowed carrying Shakespeare
Piccadilly Circus brought me soft memories.
Lake District was serene with Words Worth
And Chatham’s grounds were alive with Dickens.

Big Ben rang deep under my chest,
Buckingham added a flavor to it.
At Tabbard’s Inn I had my breakfast
And slowly proceeded towards Stonehenge.

I soon reached a level crossing
And heard the steaming whistle of a train.
It was a bolt and I woke up
To find my pressure cooker whistle in the kitchen!

I have the opportunity to live in London for four months. Welcome to my London Series.